Sttimc Community

Sek'welws (Cayoose Creek)

Lower Spawning Channels, Lillooet, BC

Sek'wel'ws is a Sttimc community located along the pristine, clear waters of Cayoosh Creek. The community is situated just minutes south of the village of Lillooet . Join your guide for an enjoyable walking tour of the Lower Seton Spawning Channel. Learn the history of the of the channel, its impact on the Sttimc people and its role in salmon enhancement. Learn about the plants and herbs that have been used for thousands of years and enjoy the many bird species that inhabit the channel.

Sttimc Plant Use

Oregon Grapes, Lower Spawing Channel. Lillooet, BCLower Spawning Channel, Lillooet, BC

A five-minute drive down the hill from Lillooet is the Sttimc community of Sek'welws. Take a 45-minute interpretative walk of the Lower Seton Spawning Channel where Coho return every two years to spawn. Hear the stories of the people, the channel and learn about plants and herbs that have been used for thousands of years. If your timing is right you can watch sqlaw7úl (beaver) at work.

Birdwatchers Paradise

Blue Heron, Lillooet, BC

With guidance from the local naturalist club, the Sek'welws staff has worked to enhance bird habitat. The berms in the channel are excellent nesting areas for ducks and other bird species. Lillooet is also home for eight bat species of which five are endangered. Spot the three bat houses along the trail and, if youre lucky, you might see an eagle or heron.