St’át’imc Community

T’ít’q’et (Lillooet)

T’ít’q’et, one of 11 communities that makeup the St’át’imc Nation, is located on the ridge above Lillooet at the foot of Kwántwal’ (translation “Taking Each Other”), known as “Marriage Mountain”, where traditional ceremonies are still conducted. The St’át’imc from T’ít’q’et are members of the P’egp’íg’lha or Frog Clan. Originally the community was located where the village of Lillooet is currently situated. The village was mistakenly named Lillooet after Lil’wat - a St’át’imc community whose traditional territory is actually in the Pemberton Valley.

Replica Pit house

T'ít'q'et pithouseBear Perfomer T'ít'qet, Lillooet, BC

A five-minute drive up the hill from Lillooet is the St’át’imc community of T’ít’q’et where you may explore a replica s7ístken (pit house). Learn about the St’át’imc way of life. Sit around the fire of this winter dwelling where bear and coyote will join you for a story performance.

St’át’imc Way of Life

The St’át’imc occupation of the land is more than 8,000 years old,  and is written in s7ístken (pit house) archaeological sites, cache pits, culturally modified trees, pictographs and petrogylphs and is reflected in the St’át’imc stories, culture and language. The St’át’imc history is written on the land and in the language.

Sampling Traditional Foods

Photosample of DinnerMarrige Mountian, side husband climbs up, Lillooet, BC

Then follow your guide on a short walk to the Julianne Hall which showcases pictograph wall paintings for a lunch featuring traditional foods. Don’t forget to ask your guide to point out Marriage Mountain and tell you about the St’át’imc traditional commitment ceremony.