Sttimc Community

Xwísten (Bridge River)

FishFace painting Bridge RiverFish Rock tour Bridge River

Situated in the beautiful Bridge River Valley at the confluence of the Fraser and Bridge Rivers, Xwsten is located 12 km (8 miles) north of Lillooet and is the best place in the world to make wind-dried salmon. The community is responsible for caring for and monitoring the fishing rocks within its territory. Xwsten also hosts numerous hiking trails that highlight the areas geographical diversity and beauty that has been home to the Xwsten people for thousands of years.

Tswan An Essential Sttimc Food

Dried Salmon, Bridge River

Drive fifteen-minute north of Lillooet to the world famous Xwsten fish rocks watch the Sttimc fish as they have for thousands of years. Witness a cwkem demonstration (cutting of salmon). Learn about the unique conditions which are perfect for the making of wind-dried salmon (tswan) - a staple of the Sttimc diet and economy for thousands of years. Barbecue salmon meal optional.

S7stken (pit house) Archaeological Site

Pit house site, Bridge River

Then join your guide for an interpretative tour of the Xwsten s7stken village archaeological site. A seven minute drive from the fish rocks brings you to the site featuring over 80 pit houses and caches. The s7stkens have been dated at between 400 and 2000 years old by the University of Montana.